new mexico local beer


Alien Amber- Bottle- NM- Amber Ale

Angry Orchard- Bottle- Cider

Bluemoon- Bottle- Belgium Wht

Bone Chiller- Bottle- Brown Ale

Bosque Pickle Beer

Budweiser- Bottle/Can

Bud Light- Bottle/Can

Bud/Bud Lt Chelada-16 oz can

Bud Light Lime- Bottle

Bud Light Platinum- Bottle

Cherry Wheat- Bottle- NM

Coors- Bottle/Can

Coors Edge N/A- Can

Corona- Bottle-Pale Lager

Corona Premier- Bottle-Light Lager

Corona Refresca- Can- 

Guava/Lime, Coconut/Lime, Passion Fruit/Lime

Desert Pilsner- Bottle- NM

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed- Bottle- IPA

Dos XX Lager- Bottle

Dos XX Amber- Bottle

Estrella Jalisco- Bottle-Mexican Pilsner

Fat Tire- 16 oz can- Amber Ale

Green Chile Beer- Bottle- NM

Guinness- Can

Guinness Pint

Happy Camper- Can- IPA

Heineken- Bottle

Heineken- N/A- Bottle

Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails

Peach, Watermelon, Black Jack Cola, Lemonade, Berry

Keystone Light- Can-Light Lager

Kilt Lifter- Bottle-Amber Ale

Land Shark- Bottle-Lager

Left Hand Stout

Lone Star- Bottle-Lager

Marble Cerveza

Marble Dble White- Can-Wheat Ale-NM

MGD- Bottle

Michelob Ultra- Bottle

Michelob Ultra Gold-Bottle-Light Lager

Michelob Ultra Infusions- Bottle

                   Lime/Prickly Pear

Mike's Hard Lemonade- Bottle

Miller 64- Bottle

Miller Highlife- Bottle

Miller Lite- Bottle/Can

Milk Mustachio- Can- Stout- NM

Modelo Especial-Bottle-Pilsner

Modelo Negra- Bottle- Dunkel Style Lager

Moosedrool- Bottle- Brown Ale

Natural Light

Odouls- N/A- Bottle

Pacifico- Bottle

PBR- Bottle- Lager

Pecan Beer- Bottle- NM

Red Bridge

Redd's Apple Ale- Bottle- Cider

Santa Fe 7K- Can- IPA- NM

Sapporo Japanese Beer

Schlitz- Bottle- Lager

Shinerbock- Bottle

Shock Top- Bottle

Stella Artois- Bottle- Belgium Pilsner

Tecate- Can

Tecate Light- Can

Twisted Tea

White Claw- Can

Pure, Lime, Raspberry, Grapefruit,

Black Cherry

Zegenbock- Bottle- Lager

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